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Research at IDM Lab

The long-term vision for our research is to develop next-generation Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) to realize the seamless end-to-end integration of the manufacturing chain, from design and process planning to production, process monitoring, and inspection. In addition to lowering costs, decreasing lead times, and improving product quality, intelligent systems provide significant flexibility and allow for the manufacturing of individually-customized products on mass production lines.


Areas of interest include:

Autonomous Robotic Composite Manufacturing

  • Autonomous part detection and localization using vision systems

  • Vision-based motion planning and real time error compensation

  • Automated inspection using computer vision and deep learning

  • Vibration suppression and precision control of high speed industrial robots

  • Metrology and automated calibration of industrial robots

Automated part detection and point-to-point motion control using computer vision
(By: Bhavin Dharia, MSc student)
Automated part detection and continuous path following using computer vision
(By: Bhavin Dharia, MSc student)
Automated inspection using image processing and deep learning
(By: Ali Maghami, PhD student)
Vibration control of high speed industrial robots
(By: Michael Newman, MSc/PhD student)

Interested applicants are encouraged to email Dr. Khoshdarregi. Please start the subject line of your email as "StApp:".

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