Research at IDML

The long-term vision for our research is to develop next-generation Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) to realize the seamless end-to-end integration of the manufacturing chain, from design to process planning, production, process monitoring, and inspection. In addition to lowering costs, decreasing lead times, and improving product quality, intelligent systems provide significant flexibility and allow for the manufacturing of individually-customized products on mass production lines.


Our current focus is on intelligent machining systems. Areas of interest include:


Robotic Machining of Composite Aerospace Structures:

  • Modeling and optimization of drilling, countersinking, and polishing operations

  • Model-based process planning and control of robotic machining systems

  • Automatic vision-based inspection of machined parts

  • Machine learning for automatic dynamic identification


Machining Dynamics:

  • Chatter suppression in metal cutting operations (milling, turning, threading, ...)

  • Optimized path planning and chatter avoidance in robotic machining systems


Process Monitoring and Control:

  • Online process correction in machining operations

  • Precision motion control systems (CNC design)

  • Anti-vibration control

  • Sensor integration in manufacturing machines and processes


Further information on the details of the current projects will be added soon.



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