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Equipment and Facilities

IDM Lab is one of the most advanced academic research facilities in Canada in the area of intelligent robotic manufacturing. It is home to many state-of-the-art, newly purchased robots and measurement systems including:

  • High payload industrial robot (KUKA KR210) + machining spindle

  • Small payload industrial robots (KUKA KR6, ABB IRB 1300) + grippers

  • Collaborative robot (Universal Robot UR5e) + welding end-effector

  • 5 desktop robotic arms for educational and training purposes

  • Leica AT960 laser tracker with T-MAC for 6-DOF measurement

  • 3D color cameras (Zivid Two, LUCID Helios2+)

  • LMI laser line scanner

  • A dozen of 2D industrial cameras (Mono, Color, Polarized)

  • Laser displacement sensors

  • Data acquisition boards

  • Accelerometers

  • Servo motors and drives

  • ...., and many more!

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